...for responsible humanity through veracity.

Dear fellow human beings,

The donation scandal of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) still affects politics and the confidence of our citizens in this Party.  What can we learn from this significant affair Dr. Helmut Kohl so that we may lastingly utilize what we have learned?   Perhaps this: With all the necessary professional and societal qualifications required for political office, in the end the human ethical qualities are most important.   One requires a holistic view of the human being if the well-being of all of society is involved.

The quality of humaneness is significantly influenced by a learned, inherited, or self-chosen religious or secular world view that forms its base.  At least three large basic attitudes are recognizable or at least possible here: (1) a belief in God, (2) a belief in its makeability, and (3) a belief in a responsible humanity as its ultimate instance.

A belief in God or–often in connection with it–in makeability contributed among other things to the endurance of the "system Kohl" as well as to the lack of reforms regarding taxes, pensions, and cooperation with labor and generally local and global politics and economics, all largely determined by the personal interests of the manipulators so that technical and economical progress happened always at the cost of nature and humanity.  Environmental degradation, injustice, poverty, violence are on the increase.

It should slowly sink in that humanity, basically, lived off its substance since hundred's of years as far as humaneness is concerned, and that no renewals or developments have taken place to promote a picture of human dignity that could have a global influence toward increased humaneness.  Still the identity of human beings is anchored mainly in ethnical separation as well as religious ideas that separate believers of different faith systems, and also separates the intellect, which gives rise to continuing conflicts.

Who confesses conscious humaneness, and human dignity–and that should be the least that ought to be expected from a politician will in the end be unable to ignore, beyond the ethnical and confessional separations (at least one order above those) the globally encompassing responsibility of humanity.  The globalization of technics and economy will at last have to be followed by a globalization of ethics if our children are to have a chance to a humane existence.

The problem of humanity is the human being–and the human being must also provide the solutions.

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