Popper, Karl Raimund  [Qoted, in part, from 1998 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: Sir Karl Raimund Popper, born in Vienna, July 28, 1902, died Sept. 18, 1994, was a highly influential philosopher. He was educated at the University of Vienna and subsequently taught at the University of New Zealand and at the London School of Economics, where he became professor of logic and scientific method in 1949.
An exponent of critical rationalism, Popper attacked certain assumptions of logical positivism and ordinary language philosophy. His view was that the task of philosophy is not to dissect and analyze language but to use it to learn and convey truths about the world.

The best Religion is so vague about God, and rightly so, that one can hardly say that there is anything tangible which can be tested. It is only something which appeals to our feelings. So far as religion is testable, it seems to be false. This is not an accusation because religion is not science. Rather, it is an accusation against theologians who go on treating religion as if it were science.