Our First Universal Church of Knowledge

Noster Credo: When we KNOW something, we REALLY believe it!  A belief-system based on empiricism!

When I believe something, it must be related one way or another to my actual experience.  Take, for example, the erroneous rule that sex is for procreation only and not for enjoyment; in effect, sex for any other purpose than procreation is sinful and evil.  It would be a dull life if that were true but do not despair, it is a false belief.  When I have sex, I experience love and pleasure and nothing else (it has to be consensual, of course)!  Considering those factual experiences, one can safely say that the vow of celibacy for the Roman Catholic clergy is an abomination, wrong, and sinful.  Besides, how is a priest to advice or help parishioners with their sexual or marital problems when he has no such experience himself?

So far so good.  We will add to this as time moves on...


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