Computer Equipment


CD ROM drive for installation in computer case--not a stand-alone unit)

CD ROM reader, Model CDR 273
5V dc 0,5 A / 12V 1.5 A
NEC Corp
Ser.# 61048975417
Manufactured January 1996

Can.$ 15.00

1986 brother M-1509 Impact 9-pin Dot Matrix Printer, tractor feed, 15 inch wide
(EPSON FX-100 or IBM Graphics diver compatible)
equipped with extra typeface chip.
With manual, several re-inked printer ribbons, and loads of tractor-feed paper.

Best offer

Collectors item:
Commodore 64 with 5-1/4 floppy drive, numerous games, flight simulator,
word processing software, 15" color monitor, Gemini-10X 9-pin dot matrix printer
with 10" width tractor feed, including all manuals, etc.

Best offer.